1. LinkedIn Upgrade - in the UK Digital Market?

    I’m job hunting, you may have noticed this… (which is why I can post so much these days)

    So my question from about six months ago still stands- is it worth paying to upgrade to Job Seeker Premium? For the UK Digital Market? Will I get a decent ROI (even if only perceived)?

    I can see a benefit if you are in the US corporate big chip companies, or a recruiter. But I can’t quite see the use for someone like me, hunting for a job with small to mid agencies in London.

    Any thoughts?

  2. LinkedIn Upgrade- worth it on the UK Digital Market?

    Here’s a question:
    Job hunting (as one does when giving six weeks notice).

    However, is the LinkedIn upgrade and the Job Seeker profile payment worth it?

    Has anyone had experiences of these making a difference in the UK Digital job market?